Personal projects are a significant part of my photography drive, the start of where I first discovered the love for it.

It is just something I enjoy because it is not work related, practising in my free time in the chance of learning new skills and editing styles. It is a therapeutic time out to photograph something completely free of choice and to capture what I am feeling at that moment in time. It reminds me to take time out for myself to shoot what I am feeling at that moment, reminiscing the reason I picked up a camera in the first place.

Some of the photo selections are of acquired taste like the black and white set in Beulah Heights; which would not appeal to everyone, however I loved being there. The series shows movement and a story of portraits, taken spontaneously whilst in their environment. I chose to edit these photos in a grainy, monochrome style, which is how I feel they suit.

Other projects personal to me that I have done are a beauty styled set of portraits. I used these photographs for an exhibition at the Poly in Falmouth. This selection of work was about experimenting with make-up, angles and beauty. They are an anaesthetically pleasing set of photographs, as they are beauty shots, and commercially well known in regular women’s magazines.

“After shooting with Isabella on multiple occasions she has continued to amaze me with her natural flair and attention to detail. She has always made me feel most comfortable whilst I am in front of the camera and I couldn’t recommend her enough.”
“Isabella photographed our wedding perfectly, she captured all the little details, the shared moments, the romance and the aura with complete professionalism and care, thank you so so much.”
“Thank you so much for our amazing wedding photo’s of our day. We couldn’t be more pleased. I loved the range of black and white to colour. With the photo’s you captured everything perfectly and every photo is a wonderful reminder of our lovely day. Thank you.”
“We are so happy that we have such gorgeous photos to look back on and remember our special day, Issy is so calming and thoughtful which made it a lovely experience as we are certainly not camera confident! Beautiful natural photos, just as we hoped for, nothing was too much trouble!”
“Isabella Banks the photographer for our wedding surpasses ALL expectations, the photos captured our personalties perfectly. Attention to detail has given us beautiful lasting memories, the photos were crisp clear, artistic and superbly composed. I can not thank her enough, absolutely stunning photos that also caught our quirky personalities. Very highly recommended.”
“This is not my first time working with Isabella Banks, and every time we collaborate I am encouraged to do more, and try new ideas out. As a aspiring model, Isabella has helped me put together the portfolio I need to send to agencies and give me that confidence with my angles and movement. Thank you.”
“Everyone has absolutely loved the photos you took so we can’t thank you enough for the session again!”
Ciaran & Charlotte